Petrichor is a company setup on the years of experience from working as a guide within the safari industry and tailoring safari itineraries to fit in with the clients specific requirements.

Fly-in Safaris

Fly-In Safaris provide the traveller with a birds’ eye view of spectacular landscapes and wildlife and are ideal for photography.

This safari style is the top end of the African safari market – when time is of the essence, a fly-in safari affords visitors the opportunity to get from lodge to lodge, area to area in the quickest possible time, allowing them to effectively maximise their time in Africa.

The appeal of a fly-in safari not only lies in the ability to get from a vibrant, thrumming city to the heart of the African savannah quicker than it takes a tortoise to cross a dirt road in the Etosha National Park, but travelers are also privy to unending and magnificent views of Mama Africa’s landscape from above.

Enjoying a fly-in safari to any of Africa’s abundant safari destinations results in game-viewing from a whole new perspective, with aircraft often flying low and allowing passengers to spot wildlife from above. Not to mention, making use of a plane means that you can get to some of the most remote and untouched corners of Africa where crowds are small (if not non-existent) and the game is plentiful.

What makes it all the more worth it is not having to endure long bumpy hours driving from lodge to lodge. We could have you in the heart of the Namib Desert in less than two hours after leaving Windhoek. A fly-in safari takes the hassle out of traveling and will have travelers making the most of their African safari holiday, giving you more time to enjoy more wildlife, more destinations, and less time in transit.